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The Chat Connection

Jan 23, 2021

Weight gain or weight loss? When was the last time you had to be vulnerable? What about if you were still in the process of getting to recovery? Would you be brave enough to seek treatment if you had to jump hoops? Are you in denial? Join the conversation as Kiera shares how being constantly praised by others, being a perfectionist, and being the daughter of Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo added to the many pressures stacked against her. She discusses how she thought gaining control of her consumption of food would help the many uncertainties in her life fall into place.

  • Silence and self-isolation
  • Difference between anorexia and bulimia
  • Triggers
  • Binge eating
  • Reward Pathway
  • Endorphins
  • Denial and Depression
  • Symptoms 
  • Treatment 
  • Transitions 

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