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The Chat Connection

Feb 20, 2021

What are some deal breakers in relationships? Who cheats more, men or women? Do you believe once a cheater always a cheater? What is considered cheating in a relationship? Can a relationship work after cheating? Who's auditioning for your role? Join the conversation and let me know your thoughts.

  • Common Law
  • Friends with benefits
  • What is cheating and why do people cheat on people they love?
  • Styles of cheating
  • Accountability
  • How cheating begins
  • Work Husband/Wife
  • Boundaries
  • How much work it takes to cheat
  •  Depression & Mental Health
  • Consequences
  • Perception versus reality
  • Mindset control
  • Why some couples can recover after cheating and infidelity
  • Forgiveness
  • Break up to make up
  • Rationalizing
  • What does consistent mean?
  • The importance of sharing your story
  • Never say never

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